You are on our smartguide homepage. Either scan QR codes on the signs below or click on the respective station to receive all information via audio transmission. The key to the building can be obtained at the town hall during regular office hours (Marktplatz 2, tel. 09572 38711)
Tours of the exhibition with a personal guide can be booked as well. For information about appointments please also contact to the town hall.

1. Marriage Stone

2. Synagogue building

3. Display boards

4. The Altenkunstadt synagogue

5. Mezuzah

6. Display cabinet

7. Torah wimpel (Mappa)

8. Crockery for special occasions

9. Sabbath

10. Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot

11. Chanukah and Purim

12. Passover; Feast of Weeks

13. Genisa

14. Books

15. Calendars

16. Tallit katan and tefillin pouch

17. Jewish cemetery, deportation
& anniversary table

18. Religion

19. School

20. Administration

21. Commerce

22. Prayer books

23. Persecution of the Jews

24. Jewish Traces